Bestowed Awards

Each year, we recognize at least four outstanding entrepreneurs with bestowed awards that honour their special achievements. The award recipients are chosen by selection committees appointed by the NEYA Nomination Committee.

For a complete list of past recipients of bestowed awards, click here.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Presented by Goodman School of Business, Brock University

The Lifetime Achievement Award is a bestowed award presented to an enterprising leader in our community whose contribution to the development of economic ventures in Niagara has spanned several decades. The recipients of this award are inducted into the Niagara Enterprise Hall of Fame, along with the Historical Hall of Fame inductees.

Historical Hall of Fame Award

The Niagara Enterprise Hall of Fame was created in 1994 and is a posthumous, bestowed award to remind people of the rich entrepreneurial heritage of the Niagara Region. Our very first inductee was William Hamilton Merritt whose contributions to the region in the early 1800s are well known. Over the years, we have recognized other such individuals who have helped shape Niagara through enterprising innovation.

Jan R. Cook Community Contribution Award
Presented by Credit Bureau Services Canada

The Community Contribution award is a bestowed special service award designed to honour those individuals whose dedication, commitment, leadership and philanthropy have had a significant impact on the greater Niagara community. Recipients of this award have served as role models by giving back to the community or local charities.

Gene Luczkiw Special Achievement Award

This award is bestowed to an individual or group who has shown exceptional entrepreneurial spirit and achievements but does not meet the criteria for any of the juried categories.

Gene Luczkiw Spirit of Enterprise Scholarship Award

The Gene Luczkiw Spirit of Enterprise Award provides financial support to one or more students who demonstrate the spirit of enterprise. The purpose of this Award is to foster, cultivate, and spread the “Spirit of Enterprise” amongst the youth of Niagara. Gene embodied this spirit as he tirelessly worked to help individuals discover their unique abilities and find meaning and purpose in their lives and careers. This minimum $1,000 Award, will be awarded annually to a student attending school in the Niagara Region.

Click here to review a list of past award recipients dating back to 1994. See also information on our Juried Award categories.

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