Lifetime Achievement Alumni 1997 Angie Strauss

Angie Strauss is an artist who channeled her talents into a huge organization of uniquely Canadian enterprises. A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and George Brown College, her artwork, in its many forms were distributed successfully in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim countries.

During a stint in a Toronto hospital, Angie discovered her floral paintings on a wall excited and pleased patients and visitors. Returning home, she established a studio business in her home in June 1986, opening at weekends to the public. Less than a year later, the demand for her products was so great she had to utilize another room in her house, and within two years she was offering her now diverse product range through retail outlets in Ontario.

In 1991 Strauss purchased a building for her store and gallery. Her products grew to include women’s and children’s clothing and jewelry, stationary, household products, travel items, paintings, and prints, which, at the time of awards, were sold in more than 100 boutiques and specialty shops through joint ventures. All utilized her paintings and employed 25 staff members.

She has won many awards for her business acumen and her phenomenal generosity is legendary. She has raised funds for the Terry Fox Foundation and for community organizations and events, and is committed to giving wherever she is asked. Strauss is a sought after motivational speaker in and outside the community and never charges for her services to non-profit groups.