Guiding Principles

Our Purpose

We exist in order to celebrate and help advance entrepreneurship in Niagara.

Our Vision

We see Niagara becoming one of the most vibrant entrepreneurial hubs in Canada –connecting, attracting and inspiring talented individuals to start and sustain their businesses, thus contributing to the economic well being of our community.

Our Mission

We seek to realize our vision by:

  • Showcasing and celebrating Niagara’s entrepreneurs who exemplify excellence via our program of events and promotions.
  • Ongoing engagement activities with Award Alumni and key stakeholders.
  • Fostering the exchange of ideas among the region’s entrepreneurs through in-person and online networking and educational events.
  • Developing partnerships among like-minded organizations to advance the spirit of entrepreneurship in Niagara.
  • Providing a bursary to assist, develop and nurture young, aspiring entrepreneurs who demonstrate the spirit of enterprise.

Our Values

In all that we do, we endeavour to act with –

Impartiality: We are non-partisan. We hold that our decisions, particularly those regarding the Awards, are based on objective criteria rather than on the basis of bias, prejudice, or preferring the benefit of one person to another.

Equitability: We are inclusive. Everyone who is an entrepreneur in Niagara has an equal opportunity to participate. Anyone can be nominated and be considered for an Award.

Responsibility: We are committed. We regard it our duty and obligation to be accountable to our Purpose, Vision, and Values, and to our stakeholders.

Integrity: We are honest. We hold that all of our decisions and relationships are truthful, ethical and honourable. All criteria regarding nomination, judging and the sustainability of our organization are transparent and available on our website or at our Annual General Meeting.

Credibility: We are worthy of trust. We conduct our work with individuals from our community who are experts in their fields, reliable in their judgments and dedicated to the betterment of Niagara.