In 1994, the first Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Awards event was presented. Since then, more than 1,100 nominees have been celebrated, and 360 of Niagara’s most outstanding entrepreneurs have been honoured with awards. Please browse through our archives of award recipients.

NEYA's Lifetime Achievement Award Alumni represent a most impressive group of entrepreneurs who have left a lasting legacy on Niagara.

A complete archive of 360 entrepreneurs who have been recognized by the Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Awards dating back to 1994.

As NEYA celebrates it’s 25th anniversary, we are humbled to recognize Joe and Anita Robertson with the Jan R. Cook Community Contribution Award.

In 2019, NEYA inducted 13 entrepreneurs into our Lifetime Achievement Hall of Fame. These individuals took their place among 33 other entrepreneurs who were recognized […]