Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is a bestowed award and considered the preeminent honour awarded by the Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. From 1994 through 2019, 46 individuals were inducted into NEYA’s Hall of Fame for their entrepreneurial successes spanning several decades of their lives, and for the indisputable legacy they have left on Niagara.

The Lifetime Achievement Award was created to recognize enterprising leaders in our community who have significantly impacted the development of economic ventures in Niagara. Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients are individuals who have spent decades of their lives shaping Niagara, building a legacy, and contributing positively to our community.

NEYA defines ENTREPRENEUR as an individual who best embodies innovation, growth, business leadership, mitigated risk, creativity, execution, success, optimism, persistence, initiative, and vision.

NEYA defines LEGACY as the amount of money, property, and/or positive community impact by an entrepreneur, which has had a tangible or intangible affect on the economic growth of Niagara.

NEYA defines POSITIVE COMMUNITY IMPACT as the effect that the transformation or creation of an industry by an entrepreneur has had on the business landscape of Niagara, the reach of which has meant positive results for the people who live in the communities. These trailblazers used their innovation and resources to not only improve their communities though financial and philanthropic contribution, but to also elevate the standard for their industry.