Lifetime Achievement Hall of Fame

On March 1, 2019 we will induct 13 new Lifetime Achievement Award recipients into the Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Hall of Fame.

These individuals will take their place among 33 other entrepreneurs who have been recognized with this special recognition since 1994. In celebration of NEYA’s 25th anniversary, we invited this accomplished group to sit for this group portrait.

Special thanks to photographer Robert Nowell for working with us to capture this incredible image which was shot in the former Lincoln Fabrics factory in Port Dalhousie. We were grateful to receive permission from Sheldon Rosen of the SDR Group to access this historic building, and honour the memory of the late David S. Howes, Lifetime Achievement Award alumni (2012). Thanks also to the Shaw Festival’s props department for their kind assistance with this project.

  1. Bill Goertz (2003)
  2. Ed Werner (2000)
  3. Len Pennachetti (2017)
  4. Peter Nitsopoulos (2018)
  5. John Nitsopoulos (2018)
  6. Ted Hoxie (2018)
  7. Brian Cullen Sr. (2018)
  8. Paul Michel Bosc (2005)
  9. Angelo Nitsopoulos (2018)
  10. Margie Spence (2018)
  11. Jack Vanderlaan (2016)
  12. Christopher Newton (2001)
  13. H. Rudi Kroeker (2018)
  14. Tom Rankin (2010)
  15. George Yerich Sr. (1997)
  16. John Marsh (2018)
  17. George Darte (2018)
  18. Doug Frazer (2018)
  19. Angie Strauss (1997)
  20. James Nitsopoulos (2018)
  21. Donald Ziraldo (1998)
  22. John Howard (2007)
  23. Chris Nitsopoulos (2018)
  24. John Gruyich (1999)
  25. Millicent Gruyich (1999)
  26. Norris Walker (2011)

Unavailable for portrait:  Jack Berkhout (1998), Ruedi Hafen (2009), Paul House (2013), Dennis Parass (2014), Donald Triggs (2006), William Vermeer (2002), Bruce Wilson (2008)

We also honour the memory of these Lifetime Achievement Award Alumni:  Louis J. Cahill (1996), Roy Cairns (1995), Jan R. Cook (2015), Paul De Divitiis Sr. (2018), Ken Fowler (1995), Edward J. Freeland (1994), John Holer (1996), David S. Howes (2012), Adriaan Olsthoorn (1999), Dr. Joseph Peller (2000), Abraham (Ed) Regier (2003), John Walker (2011) and George Wakil (2004).

Dates noted above indicate year award was bestowed.

Behind the Scenes: The Making of the Portrait

Thanks to our sponsors at YourTV Niagara and En Pointe Creative for capturing the story of the making of this very special portrait.

Tickets for the 25th annual Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Gala to be held March 1, 2019 at the Fallsview Casino Resort are now on sale. Tickets are limited, so order early!